July 15, 2004

Matthew's Fun Facts

I'm going to take a time-out and fulfill my "ain't-my-kid-cute" quota.

Matthew has grown up quite a bit in the past six months. He's talking ALL the time, and some of it in roughly-English words! His favorite phrases are "Oh NO!" ( which makes him sound like the world's youngest "Mr. Bill" fan), and "It's Stuck! (whenever he can't open or work something).

He picked up a stack of flash cards that he hadn't seen in six months, and now can identify all but four of the objects. He even generalizes the word "bug" to include spiders, ladybugs, bees and flies.

He loves jumping on the bed, and we let him, under supervision. When he bounced into Melissa and hurt her, I said no more jumping. After the initial tantrum, he formulated a cunning plan: He picked up his dinosaur, placed it on the bed, then came over to me. He pointed at the dinosaur and asked "Bed?" Translation: "Father, that poor creature is stranded on the bed! May I go up there, solely for rescue purposes?"

At night, he likes to wear his trainer roller skates, and shuffle across the kitchen floor. As he goes past, he waves and says "Hi" to his reflection in the dishwasher and the oven.

And one last story: I heard Matthew shouting in the den last week, and I came in to see what was the matter. He was smiling, just shouting into the back of the piano. I was a bit confused, thinking maybe the cat or a bug was back there, but nothing was there. He kept on shouting, turning his head to listen, and then smiling. When I got down to his level, I realized that his shouting was vibrating the strings in the piano, giving his voice an interesting reverb effect. I never would have guessed.

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