July 16, 2004

LinkNews Digest [7/16/2004]

Bradbury Ticked at Moore's Title Hijacking

Famed Science Fiction author Ray Bradbury is none too pleased that Michael Moore decided to rip off the title of his book "Farenheit 451" to make the popular anti-bush documentary "Farenheit 9/11".
Ray Bradbury: Michael Moore is a stupid son of a bitch, that's what I think about it. He stole my title and changed the numbers and never asked my permission.

Marten Blomkvist: Have you spoken to him?

RB: He's a dreadful man. Dreadful man.

MB: One could suggest that, with your title being that famous, he'd want to use it, to allude to it

RB: That he wanted to steal from me, yeah. I don't want to make a big thing out of it [the name] I hate the sort of publicity that goes on these days with the paparazzi. I don't need it, you know. If I can make him change the title very quietly that would be great.

MB: Do you think you'll have any chance, the film is very famous under this title now?

RB: Who cares? Nobody's gonna see his film, it'll be dead in the water in no time. Nobody cares, come on.

MB: But it won the Golden Palm at the Cannes film film festival?

RB: So what? I've won awards at various places and most of the time they're meaningless. Those people over there hate us, so they gave him the Golden Palm. It's a meaningless award.

MB: Are there any circumstances where using a title made up by someone else is acceptable?

RB: I could write a novel tomorrow called 'Gone With The Wind', couldn't I? But I'm not going to do it, 'cause it would be dishonest. Just say that Michael Moore is a dishonest man and I want to have nothing to do with him. That pretty well does it.
Unfortunately for Bradbury, the film went on to be a huge hit in the States. Personally, I think the allusion to '451' might spur some interest in the original. Link(Guardian UK)

Woman Offers Pig as Tiger Bait

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - A woman who offered to use her 5-month-old pig as bait to lure a tiger that escaped from the home of an actor who once played Tarzan will be cited for animal cruelty, officials said.

Linda Meredith, of Loxahatchee, put the pig in the trunk of her car and drove to the neighborhood where officials were searching for the tiger shortly after she heard of its escape.

Meredith asked officers to grab the hind legs of the pig, named Baby, or twist its ears so it would squeal and attract the tiger. The officers declined her offer.


Bloggers Granted Access to Democratic Convention

Bloggers are finally starting to get the credit they deserve for being independent journalists.
NEW YORK (AP) -- More than 30 independent Web journalists have been accredited to cover the Democratic convention, and the Republicans said Friday they'll also credential so-called bloggers.

It's the first time bloggers will be joining the thousands of newspaper, magazine and broadcast journalists at the quadrennial presidential-nomination events.

The independent bloggers will be joining scores of others hired by and accredited through traditional news organizations, including The Associated Press and MSNBC.com.

Bloggers will have the same access as traditional journalists within the FleetCenter convention hall, Wilhide said. And bloggers will join radio journalists with workspace in the FleetCenter itself, while other media will be in nearby buildings, she said. Democrats also will host a breakfast for bloggers on opening day.


Director McG Walks Away From "Superman"

"McG", best known for his Hit-or-Miss track record and over-the-top visual style, has left the director's chair for the new Superman film in the works. Thank Allah. Let's review the evidence: He did a few music videos, did an admirable job on "Charlie's Angels", his Fox tv series "Fastlane" bombed, then "Charlie's Angels : Full Throttle" practically re-invented the word "crap-tacular". Superman deserves better, should he fly into cinemas again.

Note: After checking out his profile on IMDB.com, Perhaps McG left the Superman movie to focus on a better directorial prospect: "Hot Wheels: THe Movie". I am not making this up.

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