July 02, 2004

Link/News Digest [07/02/2004]

"A Man, A Plan, A Pallindrome, Panama"

A bored Google software engineer has devised a program that has produced arguably the world's longest pallindrome sentance. I say "Arguably" because it's all gibberish. For example:
A man, a plan, a carpus, AEC, Rickey, EKG, navettes, Sorcha, Basil, BSHA, Tizes, Ojai, AOU, Lana, Juta, Tildi, Komsa, REME, Rab, Manado, Opaline, Bess, a rgen, a hcl, a robalo, Caracalla
a hall, a caracol, a boral, Chane, Grasse, Benil, a pood, an amba, Rem, Erasmo, Kid, litatu, Jana, Luo, Aia, Jose, Zitah, SBLI, Sabah, Crossett, Evang, Keyek, Circe, a supr, a canal, Panama.
This once again proves that if you leave a software engineer with too much time on his hands, he will solve a problem that never existed. Like my "Pretentious Residential Subdivision Name Genrator" program a few years back.

Downloaded Music Goes Platinum

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has approved the Gold and Platinum rankings for downloaded songs, to mirror their tangible counterparts.
The digital download program will authenticate sales of licensed content from legitimate online music services. Certified sales of 100,000 singles will earn a Gold award, with double that amount warranting a Platinum award. Multiplatinum awards start at 400,000 and increase in increments of 200,000 from there.

CDs must achieve higher figures to receive RIAA awards. Gold is reached at shipments of 500,000 copies, with Platinum requiring 1 million units. An event scheduled for late August will mark the official launch of the digital download program.

"This is a gratifying milestone in the evolution of legitimate digital music services," said Mitch Bainwol, chairman and CEO of the RIAA, which represents the interests of the major U.S. labels. "The fact that the marketplace has already advanced this far, and artists have attained this level of success, speaks volumes."
The RIAA starting to acnowledge the fact that money is being made hand-over-fist by music downloads. Sir, might I suggest a little salt to go with your dinner of crow?LINK

Coke Cans a Danger to National Security

Remember that contest where Coca-Cola is putting special GPS-enabled Coke can-shaped phones? It’s going on right now, and if you find one of them you press a button which instantly connects you to an operator who’ll tell you that you’ve just won a Chevy SUV, and then instructs you to press another button that activates a GPS homing beacon on the can so that Coke can immediately deliver the prize to your location.

Anyway, an Air Force base in Ohio and an Army base in Kentucky have decided that they’re too much of a security risk, and is requiring all cans of Coke to be inspected before being brought into secure areas, just in case one of them happens to have a GPS chip in it. There’s only a hundred of those cans out there total, meaning there’s only a one in 2.5 million chance that any given can of Coke brought onto the base is a winner, not to mention the fact that the cans don’t transmit the location of the winner unless a big red button is pressed on it, but with the War on Terror and everything you really can’t let these things slide
LINK (Engadget)

Heaven Forbid, a Weekend Off

Due to a legislative oversight, Virginia employees now have the right to at least one weeked day off, should they request it.
So as of Thursday, the start of the state's fiscal year, all non-management employees can choose Sunday or Saturday -- if that is their day of Sabbath -- as their rest day. In addition, all workers are allowed 24 consecutive hours off each calendar week.

Penalties include a fine of up to $500 for each offense. Also, a business that forces an employee to work on a day of rest may have to pay triple the worker's regular pay.

"This could be seriously harmful," Peterson said. "We're looking forward and seeing the ramifications this could have on the Christmas season."

Attorney Gregory B. Robertson said he is advising his corporate clients to abide by the law unless there is any change. He said they should prepare to honor all written requests from employees who want off Sunday or Saturday as a rest day.

People not forced to work on Weekends! Dogs and Cats, Living together...MASS HYSTERIA!!! It's the apocolypse!

Fight Club at Staples

Blogger Sean Bonner was surprised to find the name and address of Fight Club character Tyler Durden on a package of Staples brand labels. Look for his new line of Airline Safety cards in the coming months. [LINK (via BoingBoing)]

$100 For a Dead iPod

Dell wants your iPods...for the landfill. Finally, some company got their head straight and came up with a solution to the iPod's infamous 18-month non-replacable battery life:
Dell on Wednesday launched a promotion that gives customers who send in their old Apple iPod a $100 rebate on the Round Rock, Texas-based computer giant's own digital music player.

The mail-in rebate applies to purchases of Dell's $199 15GB Digital Jukebox player, a model the company rolled out last fall. The player can hold approximately 7,000 tracks, said Dell. (The company also makes a 20GB model that can store about 9,000 songs.)
LINK (TechWeb)

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