June 10, 2004

The Return of Fastball

One of my favorite rock bands has a new record deal! I was browsing the New Music section of iTunes, and I saw the name "Fastball" on a listing. Could it be? Yes! Fastball has a new album called "Keep Your Wig On"!

To be sure, I went to their website, and sure enough, www.FastballMusic.com has been updated! Last time I went there, it still had their tour dates on the "Ride the Light" tour 2001. It was sad. After the first disc, I picked up their second album, The Harsh Light of Day, in 2000. It was the best rock album that I'd heard in years, but it was under-promoted by Hollywood records, and didn't do so well. They pretty much fell off the planet, to my dismay. There was a spark of hope last year, when Melissa got us tickets to an acoustic show that Fastball was doing at the Red Light Cafe, as a birthday gift. Unfortunately, the show was cancelled, and there were no other performances listed anywhere.

Anyway, the guys have themselves a new contract with a smaller record company now, and they're on a small promotional tour for the album. I can't say enough good stuff about these guys, they're probably the most original rock band I've ever heard, and easily the best modern rock band today. If you've never heard them, save for the single "The Way", I'd definitely pick up The Harsh Light of Day and see where it takes you.

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