June 03, 2004

The Prisoner of Alka-Selzer

Melissa is stressed to the hilt this week being a reporter/photographer/guest liason/taxi driver for the Mythic Journeys conference. I miss her, and we all pray for her sanity amidst the chaos, but I'm sure she'll have a lot of great stories to tell once it's over. For now, though, she's probably getting an ulcer.

Most of my contact with her is in frantic cell phone calls. It's all "Chris, can you see if TheOneRing.net has posted this story yet" or "Hey, can you get me the number for a Vietnamese Restaurant near the Hyatt? Brian Froud's feeling peckish" or "Quick, what gets bile and blood stains out of carpeting?"

I told her to try club soda and hung up before she could explain.

The practical upshot of this is that she wasn't able to take advantage of the Preview Screening passes to "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkeban" last night. Justin and I went in her place, and he wrote up a great review of it on "Movie Criticism for the Retarded" (likely the worst name for a web site, now that "MyGastricBypass.com" has been shut down for violations of the Geneva Treaty).

*WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS!!* Read it, but don't say I didn't warn you. And don't believe what he says about me and the girls sitting next to us.

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