June 22, 2004

Lessons Learning

My company finally re-classified me this week. I'm officially a "C/S Developer I" instead of a "Business Analyst II", which is only fitting, seeing as I've been doing programming exclusively since 2002. It's fitting to do it now, because I'm learning Java in a very accelerated manner.

Because we're a bit short staffed of Java Developers, I've already been given a Java programming assignment for a client, building an SQL Text parser. It's taken a lot of trial and error to get the nuances of the language down, but I built a pretty robust parser in ten days. Then today I get the news that the client changed their mind, and wants something totally different now. Keeping me on my toes if nothing else.

For extra-curricular activities, I'm working up a couple of new web sites for Ron's employer, Draftech. We could use the extra money to pay down some bills and prepare for Christmas. Not just for the gifts, My side of the family is getting together for Christmas in L.A. this year, our first since 1996. We figured that my brother's home in LA was roughly halfway between Hawaii and Georgia, so we'll get a couple of hotel rooms and set up the tree in Rob's apartment. It will be great to have the family together again.

Speaking of Rob, he has now totally abandoned his original plan to not like children. He was dead set to hate them since he was one himself, but he's since taken baby steps back (no pun intended). First, he really liked Matthew. Didn't hurt that Matthew was so enamoured with him. But Matthew didn't smell bad, keep Rob up all night crying, or bite him, as he expected. In fact, Rob took to him so much that he VOLUNTEERED to push the little guy in the stroller while he and Melissa were at the mall.

They've got along famously ever since. Rob even sent Matthew a Gap shirt a few weeks ago. So he and Matthew are friends, and Rob's main job is now teaching high school kids. He openly admits to loving the job. So between the two, his teenage blood-oath to me, that "he would not ever have kids, or even deal with them, because Ferarri's only have two seats", is now null and void.

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