June 24, 2004

Grate Expectations

At choir practice last night, we dropped off Matthew in the nursery as usual, and headed into the adjoining room to sing. Halfway into the practice, I hear a very clear "Dada?" from the hall. Melissa and I recognized it as Matthew's voice, and she went to the hallway to find him. I figured he opened the nursery door and got out.

But Melissa couldn't find him. She ran up and down the hall, hearing him there but not seeing him, until she traced the voice down... to the A/C vent, and saw him on the other side.

She relayed this to me, almost laughing, but I was legitimately worried. I'm reading "Ender's Shadow" by Orson Scott Card, where a boy gets around secretly by squeezing through the air ducts. So when I heard that Matthew was in the vent, I imagined the worst.

"Dada!" he laughed as I came into view. He was safe, on the other side of a pass-through grate on the bottom of the wall. He was still safe in the nursery, he just found a nice little window at his level, where he could see me in the next room.

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