June 17, 2004

Dark Riddick

I caught a showing of "The Chronicles of Riddick" with Justin on Wednesday. Being a fan of the original ("Pitch Black"), I was totally into this movie. But as I watched it, something was nagging in the back of my head, some strange sense of "Deja View" -- I'd already seen this before. It took me most of yesterday to figure it out. Oddly enough, "Riddick" shares a lot of traits with "The Dark Crystal".

Yes, I know one is a sci-fi summer action fest and the other one a children's fantasy by Jim Henson & Co, but one after another, I found striking similarities. (I remembered a lot more about "The Dark Crystal" because Mel was studying up for her interview with it's comceptual artist, Brian Froud.)

Riddick Vs. The Dark Crystal
RiddickThe Dark Crystal
The hero is the Last(?) member of a Race thought to be extinct:

Bad Guys destroyed this race because an Ancient Prophecy suggests a member of this race will destroy the Bad Guys:CheckCheck
The Bad Guys wear skeletons for headgear:

Good Guys live in a peaceful, earth-toned paradise: Helion Primeum... "Mystic City"?
Bad Guys send out evil minions from their black castle:

Castle of the Crystal
Bad Guys put captured civilians into bondage to...:Convert themDrain their Essence
Wise Old Woman provides some history on the bad guys, guidance for the hero:
Aereon (Judi Dench)

Aughra (Muppet Hag)
Our Hero later teams up with a girl named...

Fledgling Bad Guy attempts to overthrow the Bad Guy Leader, using the Hero as a diversion:
Uaako (LotR's Karl Urban)

The Skeksi who goes "MMmmmmm"
Weird Minions of the Bad Guys provide clues to Hero's location:Freaky Scuba DudesCrystal Bats
In the Final battle, Hero's girl dies heroically, tossing pointy thing to the Hero:Kira and the DaggerKeira & the Shard
Hero triumphs by plunging the Pointy Thing into...:
Bad Guy Leader's Head

The Crystal

Pretty scary, no?

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