June 04, 2004

Car Salesman-in-Chief

As I've posted a few times, I find that the opinions of those outside the US should be sought whenever possible, to gather different perspectives. Specifically, of one Vaughan Nash of Northamptonshire, England. I've reprinted his musings on the upcoming Presidential Election in November:

...which brings me back to George W., the man who was told Caesarians were dangerous and ordered an immediate attack on Caesaria. Will he get in again with a more satisfactory majority or will it be John Kerry? I've applied my usual test here, it's the ' would I buy a car from this person' test.

Bush, yes. You know it's going to start every time and keep on going even if it isn't the latest fashion and looks suspiciously like the Bush mark 1 model, with a strangely familiar management system.

Kerry, possibly, but I would want to look very closely at the HP agreement,and yes also the small print, and then there's the tyres and the engine and the bodywork, and of course the service record. This car salesman sounds like he's just saying what everyone wants to hear and selling the car.

From where I'm sitting anyhow.

Which is on my arse.

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