June 23, 2004


Talk about a down year. Within days of one another, summer mainstays Comdex and Lollapalooza have cancelled this year's shows.

Comdex line:

The San Francisco-based company said it will postpone the show indefinitely so that it can work to "reshape the event with the cooperation of information technology industry leaders." MediaLive has established a Comdex Advisory Board that includes representatives from major IT companies to help determine how the show can best meet the future needs of the industry.

Lollapalooza's Statement:
Organizers of the show, which originally came to life in 1991, said they would have lost millions if the tour went ahead as scheduled. Headliners were to include Morrissey, the Flaming Lips, the String Cheese Incident and the Pixies, with the bands performing over the course of two days. The tour was to kick off July 14 in Auburn, Wash., and more than 30 shows in 16 cities -- including a local stop at Merriweather Post Pavilion on Aug. 12 and 13 -- were slated.

"I'm in utter disbelief that a concert of this stature, with the most exciting lineup I've seen in years, did not galvanize ticket sales," said Mark Geiger, co-founder of the tour, in a press release. "I'm surprised, given the great bands and the reduced ticket prices, that we didn't have enough sales to sustain the tour."

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