May 30, 2004

UGA Names, part 2

In response to the UGA Naming issue, UGA and Accidentals alum Joey googe offers this nugget:

Once the dust settles, the Accidentals may have to sing this version of one of our old standby's, just to stay safe from the lawyers:

She's the daughter of a primary color and a color that represents the
absence of light,
She's for a state located in the Southeastern United States and she'll never take it back,
She can't hold herself in check, When she yells, "To Hell with a rival institution located in the same state!"
Or a group of winged insects that look similar to bees give her any
slack, (Any slack),
When she dances she's a dream, Regular sugar-coated cream,
Her primary colored lips and eyes that are colored the same as the
absence of light are fair to see,
Glory, Glory to Ol' aforementioned state.
That's the song my baby who is from that state sings to me

Also got another wire from Vaughan Nash. He respectfully declined my suggestion to open up a blog of his own, but he did offer these bits of prose, that I had to share with ALL FOUR of my readers:

New Films:
Troy - the least wooden performance is by the horse. CGI not up to the waterline either, spoilt we are.
The Day after Tomorrow - Special effects are staggering. Plot lines are also staggering. Running down the corridor chased by homicidal ice?

And I will enlist the help of U.N. Translators to transmogrify this line from English into American:
"Worst memory hanging upside down off a barbed wire fence in Chesterfield, best memory 3 steaming 50 in Wigan giving it the come on with no standing takers. We all did it at some point but it was part of growing up in the eighties."

I'm guessing that it has to do with football (their kind or our kind, I don't know), based solely on context. Stay tuned.

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