May 07, 2004

TechTv Braces for Impact

It's also the End of another Era, that of TechTV, which is being purchased by Comcast in the next few months, to be rolled into Comcast's own video gaming channel, G4. As a result, 285 TechTv employees were given pink slips.

As sad as I am to see them go, I can't say that I didn't see it coming. TechTv had a handful of excellent programs like "The Screensavers" and "Call For Help", as well as decent news in TechLive and cool gadgets on "Fresh Gear." However, the rest of the daily schedule was always struggling for life. The network eventually added "Wired for Sex," which was the Techie's equivalent of "Baywatch", Futuristic Anime shows at night, and the questionable culture program "Nerd Nation." They even went out on a limb and showed re-runs of the ultimate puppet sci-fi drama, "ThunderBirds" Honestly, the only bit of good syndication was adding Britain's "Robot Wars."

"The Screen Savers" was aptly named because TechTv is used by many geeks (myself included) as the Television's ScreenSaver, leaving it running in the background constantly. I find that it adds a soothing sense of ambiance to my day, hearing a virtual Tech support running in the background. Even Craig, who actually works Tech Support, does this. My In-Laws do this with CNN, but I find that having politics and current events constantly streaming just gives an ambiance of generalized paranoia.

I hope that the good shows like ScreenSavers and Call For Help will carry over to G4. I'll cross my fingers for Adam and Morgan from "X-Play" (the TechTv Video Gaming show) will find a new home on G4, being an all-gaming channel.

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