May 07, 2004

"I won't be there for you...Anymore"

Alas, "Friends" has gone and ended on us. But at least we went out in style. Ends up that Kris and Jim won tickets for a Star94 Friends Party at Dave & Busters, and invited us along! (Thanks to Mom & Dad Petrey for watching Matthew, you usually miss about 30% of any TV show when dealing with a 2 year-old.) They set us and the other winners in a party room with a buffet and a huge projection TV that showed the retrospective and the last episode. 11Alive news was there, as well as Cindy & Ray from Star 94's afternoon show (whom Melissa schmoozed with).

I will miss this show so much. Let me rephrase that: I will miss having NEW EPISODES of this show so much. (Let's face it, Friends will be in syndication until Matthew's in college.) Melissa says that she married a Chandler, and what can I say? Could I BE any more like Chandler Bing? Yeah, the kooky punchlines and I-Need-To-Be-Funny personality are rather familiar...

The send-off was great, seeing Jim & Kristina was wonderful. Then, Jim's brother John arrived. John is the Anti-Jim, Jim's evil twin from the parallel universe. Not mean or evil per se, just brooding and unfriendly. Because unwittingly I dated his ex-fiancee ten years ago while they were "ON A BREAK" (thank you, Ross), and because said ex told some lies about me, John probably wants to kick my ass. He probably would, were I not careful to have many witnesses and/or small children in the room whenever we meet. Now we just try to avoid eye contact.

The room fell into a hush whenever the show came on, and there were a few misty eyes when Ross & Rachel narrowly missed hooking up at the end. It feels like a release, seeing this show off into the sunset. Melissa revealed why: Because the Friends characters were just as old as Melissa and I were. We and the cast went through a lot of the same issues: Leaving college, getting settled in your job, trying to have a baby, transitioning to life as a parent, and eventually letting go of old friends. It meant a lot to us, and we'll miss the show. (New episodes, anyway.)