April 27, 2004

News in Brief

  1. Mel is getting an MRI on her knee, so we can see how screwed up it really is.
  2. I'm coding a Huffman Compression algorithm in Visual Basic this week. YES, it's work-related.
  3. Justin's transfer to St. Petersburg is still up in the air.
  4. The Princess of MeMeMe has decided she wants to "walk away from the Marriage just as she entered it." Oh, plus she wants all the stuff she's accumulated since then. And the new car. So that's pretty much walking away just as she LEFT it, except she doesn't want any of that nasty, troublesome debt that paid for said stuff.
  5. I knew I was playing too much "Splinter Cell" on my PS2 when I snuck up on a group of men in fatigues and threw a Frag Grenade into the room, only to realize that they were the American soldiers I was sent in to rescue. ("Sorry! Force of habit!")

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