April 20, 2004

My Wife, The Bride and I

Melissa and I had a Date Night on Friday, dropping the kid with her parents and heading off to catch "Kill Bill Volume 2" with Justin. For those of you who think this might not be the right kind of movie for a date, then you don't know Melissa and I. You see, for our first date, we caught "Pulp Fiction" at the Beechwood Cinemas in Athens. I knew we were made for each other when we laughed in all the right places, and went over all the stuff we loved about it in the IHOP afterwards. *sigh*

But back to the Q-man's latest. It was a totally different movie than Volume 1, but still 100% Tarantino. Whereas the first film was an all-out frag-fest, v2 is all about TENSION. Quentin did some great work, shifting into a lower gear on this and focusing more on character development and plot. The gamut of emotions that you go through watching this movie is amazing. I'll stop there, just promise me you'll go see it!

In a related story, Darryl Hannah had a run-in with the police at the Kill Bill vol. 2 Premier, for ACTING, of all things.

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