April 07, 2004

Hung on the Age Bracket

Well, it’s official now, I’m “in my 30‘s.” Not really such a big deal, really. My parents in Hawaii sent me an e-Card and my brother called me from L.A., on his way from one job to the next one (he has three now). We had a good chat, and he recounted a great story about how he lost his cell phone on a hiking trip with Gwennie. Even the Nash family in Devonshire sent me an e-mail from their new computer.

I got my wish for a small, low-key no-cake birthday last night, so Melissa and I dropped Matthew off with her parents and met Justin and Craig at Jillian’s for dinner. We came in to find that it was Team Trivia night, so we registered ourselves as “The Headlighters” (don’t ask) and settled in for some competition.

At first, thing looked good for our team: The rounds had categories like “Disney, Music and Alcohol”, so we cleaned up with Melissa, Craig and Justin on the team, respectively. But we lost it in the second half when the guy started asking questions about foreign prime ministers in the 1950’s. (We still would have lost, even if my teammates had gone with my answer of “Hall and Oates” as the duo with the most Top 10 singles, instead of Simon & Garfunkel, but I just had to mention it.)

We all had a great time, just eating, drinking & joking around, and that is just what I wanted for my birthday. I just don’t want traditional birthday parties anymore. It’s not so much that I don’t want to be reminded of it, it’s just that it doesn’t seem like such an accomplishment, at this age. When you’re young, every year is a milestone, and you can do things one year that you couldn’t do the one before. After you get out of college and settle down with a job and family, there’s not a real discernable difference from year to year. Sure, I’m happy to be 20 lbs lighter this year than the last, but aside from that, I’m not much different.

Perhaps if I reach some unnaturally high age, such as 90, and it’s actually an accomplishment to have lived another year, I’ll change my position on this.

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