April 22, 2004


For my birthday, Craig is taking me to see Weird Al Yankovic at the Tabernacle tonight. His "Off The Deep End" tour in 1992 was my first concert, so this has special meaning to me.

My uncle Allan just had a minor stroke, but he's doing fine. I wanted to send him a few stroke-related jokes, but all I could find was the old one about the three old ladies and the flasher. That and lyrics to a horrible old Billy Squier song.

In other news, since Blogger.com is a subsideerariri... subsidera... sub... AFFILIATE of Google, they offered us all introductary offers for GMAIL accounts! (Just read back a few posts for a multitude of news on this.) Of course, I took them up on it. I may not use it, but it might pay to have an e-mail address that has some small resemblance to my real name, so I don't end up with an e-mail like "Big_CK74@crapmail.net" or something.

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