March 03, 2004

"One Party to rule them all..."
"The Return of The One Party." Not exactly an Academy Awards studio party, but down the street at a black-tie Lord of the Rings Oscar party thrown by, the internet's largest Tolkein community. The party was so big that the "Rings" stars, including Peter Jackson himself, came there first, and didn't show up at their official New Line Cinema party until around 1:30 AM. All major papers said that this bash was THE place to be on Oscar Night, even better than the usual Studio bashes. And Melissa and her friend Rebecca were there to see it.

The L.A. Times did a piece on The One Party and CNN did a Gallery for it.

They had a wonderful evening, made friends with a security guard, and even got to hand Elijah Wood a CD from AthFest (Athens, Georgia's version of "Music Midtown"). Rob and Gwennie showed them around town a bit and fun was had. She shook Robin Williams' hand and told Eugene Levy that she loved him in "American Pie." (I told her that saying she loved him in "Best in Show" or "SCTV" might have been received better.) She even snapped a picture as "Return of the King" was added to the Kodak Theater's Best Picture History display. She's still flying high from the trip, and telling me stories repeatedly, but I love it. This is probably the best Christmas/Birthday gift that I've ever given her.

Blogging Statistics
A study done last year claims that Blogs aren't as prevalent as people might think. Their basis for this is the claim that "somewhere between 2 percent and 7 percent of adult Internet users in the United States actually keep their own blogs. Of those, only about 10 percent update them daily, the majority doing so only once a week or less often."

Okay, two things wrong with that conclusion. One, the word "adult". Depending on where you define your demographic, that could easily exclude about 60% of the blogging community. Two, not every blog NEEDS updating daily. This widely-held belief leads to thought-provoking entries like his:

"Wow. 4:30 AM. I should really get to bed. got a Trig test in the morning. l8rz."

Blogs should only be updated if you have something to say that's WORTH COMMUNICATING. Every blogger is guilty of pointless posting every now and again, but the whole point is to communicate thoughts and ideas with a community, be it the world at-large or just your circle of friends. And I don't think the world-at-large needs to know that your toenail has become ingrown.

I'm currently reading "Cryptonomicon" by Neal Stephenson. You have to respect a paperback so thick that it almost requires you to be ambidextrous to read it.

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