March 30, 2004

Movin' On Up

Our office is consolidating the cubicles in the building, to free up space that they hope to rent out. (Good luck!) And just my luck, the wide-open "frontier" leading to the big windows that my cubicle used to look out on, has been replaced by the department managers' offices. No windows anymore, and now the top brass will be walking by my cubicle and peering in, maybe making little notes to themselves like "what is that a picture of?" and "does he EVER take off his headphones?"

Needless to say, my Blogging will no longer be done on my lunchbreaks anymore, I'll be writing at home. I'll also be giving up my daily lunchtime web reading. I don't want to, but this is my boss' boss, and I don't want her getting that impression of me. If you pass someone's door once a day, and you always see them browsing the web, even if it's the same time every day and they're eating lunch, you can't help but form an opinion of them from that.

So goodbye, lunchtime blogging. (*Snifff*) I'll catch up with you later in the day.

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