March 09, 2004

The Meaning of Numbers

Yesterday, Melissa turned 31, thus crossing that critical boundary between BEING 30 and being "In Your Thirties." I don't see what the big deal is, probably due to the fact that I'm a man. But apart from age not being important to me, I downplay the negative aspect of her age because Melissa is one of those lucky few who seem to be aging IN REVERSE. (Like the line regarding Merlin in "Camelot": "He doesn't get older, he...'youthens'?") Comparing the Melissa that I know today to the Melissa that I met nine years ago, or even the one I married, I find the following to be true:

The Melissa of today is more beautiful, is in better shape, has more energy, is in better overall health, has more self-confidence, dresses better, and is more even-tempered than she was just a few years ago. (And this isn't some because-I'm-her-husband B.S. line, our family and friends see it as well.) Despite these changes, she has retained her sense of humor, her passionate opinions and best of all, her love for me. I count myself damned lucky to be married to such a fine woman.

In contrast, I have taken the more traditional DOWNHILL route over the past 10 years: I've gained 30 lbs (but lost 20 of them), gained an inch of forehead due to "cranial deforestation", I'm wearing the same sorts of unfashionable clothing, and I'm no longer much of a singer (which was her original attraction to me). In realization of this, I am trying to improve myself, just to keep up with her. She has agreed to help me get some better clothes this year, and we're both cleaning out our closet. This may well be the year that my beloved "Kermit" T-Shirt goes the way of the Dodo. *Sniff*

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