March 13, 2004

Lost in Translation (Part 2)

When Melissa's pen pal Miho and her friend, Miki visited us from Japan a couple months ago, they brought some gifts for Matthew. Aside from some very cool Tokyo Disneyland swag, they brought some clothing. Clothing with English words on them. BAD English. Don't get me wrong, bad translation goes both ways. I'm sure that somewhere in California, one person is proudly showing off a tattoo that he thinks is the Japanese character for "Strength", when it actually says "Sour Squid Candy" or something.

While I personally think that it's pretty cool, I can only wonder what these manufacturers were trying to say.

This looks like a replica of some junior athletic team. I just wonder what sport would have their mascot running away, and what the Count 800 is.
Again, no idea what it's saying, but it's cool, you have to admit. But the back of this shirt has more mystery:
As far as I can tell, this reads "Their ground prosper Heath Kirchart and Steve Berra have both stood tall." Well good on you, Heath and Steve. You've convinced a clothing company that plastering your names on children's clothing would move the merchandise.
This is for the discerning 3-year old, who "Just Can Get's Enough Girl". The hood reads "ChuChum Soul 300," which, as everyone knows, refers to the famous 300 km race for Japanese R&B singers held every spring in Osaka.

But just as clothing with English writing is popular in Japan, I think that these are absolutely cool. My son will proudly wear them in public in a few years. And the squints and stares will prepare him for his teenage years, where he will no doubt follow in his parents' footsteps and wear interesting t-shirts from Hot Topic.

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