March 05, 2004

I've finally re-established contact with Larry McHale. I gave him the cliff notes version of the past four months, while we've been out of touch. He ended up getting that job he was hoping for, and now he's doing real I.T. work, not just training people in I.T. topics. He's loving it, and at the end of a 5-minute description of what he does, he says "Hey, Chris, YOU know LoadRunner, right?"

I shook my head unconsciously, then realized that I was on the PHONE. "Aside from the old video game from Broderbund, no I do not."

"That's a shame, because I need someone who knows LoadRunner. You know Java, don't you?"

"Aside from the CBT's and a few select JavaScript bits used on my web page, no. Sorry, man"

"That's a shame, because I need someone who knows Java as well. Crap, now I gotta actually LOOK for someone."

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