February 24, 2004

Rollergirl Takes a Spill, (and then some pills)
Melissa decided to get some exercise on Sunday while Matthew was down for his nap. Since the borrowed treadmill now scrapes the tread when it runs (warped plastic from unuse), she decided to head over to Skate Country. Now Melissa is no slouch on wheels, she remembered everything from her younger days and was doing laps in a few minutes. But five minutes after lacing up, some kid came flying out on the carpet and ran into her. He dropped down and Melissa fell over him, landing on her knees. She's been popping ibuprofen like M & M's for the past couple of days, and is likely headed to the doctor today to get the knees looked at.

We're hoping that she can walk normally in short heels for her big oscar party in L.A. on Sunday. And since she will be there Friday night, she got herself tickets for the taping of "Real Time with Bill Maher"! She'll probably be meeting up with my brother, Rob, while she's out there, but since he may be moving between apartments this weekend, he may be unavailable.

In other news, I have possibly found the most addicting substance known to man. The Japanese "Cheese Almond" snack.

It's a small, individually-wrapped cracker, covered with some slightly sweet MSG-enhanced flavoring, topped with a small bit of cheese-like food product and a toasted almond. Sounds pretty weird, I know. Miho brought them from Japan. I consume about four of these things a day now. I found the web site for the company that makes them, under the category "Plug Fence", and it describes the cracker thusly (with the help of Babelfish Translation):

"Cheese Almond 363kcal/ 100 g To burn in one oral size and in the ?÷ rice cake of ‚å ‚¤ ‚ä taste, being mellow, the cheese and the fragrance which have the body it forced and the topping did the almond."


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