February 02, 2004

Our Japanese Visitors, Miho and Miki, are settled in and having a good time. We took them and The Aforementioned Friend out to Joe's Crab Shack on friday, because it was Miho's favorite place from last visit. Little Matthew seemed to remember Miho, and he's just thrilled to have so much female attention. He's bonded with our visitors so fast, he ran up and gave them one of his trademark "Running Hugs" at church yesterday. (The Running Hug is where he sees you, runs at you full speed and latches onto your legs on impact. After he grows a few more inches, this manouver will hurt me and other men, so I'm hoping he grows out of it.)

Saturday, before Melissa's TaeKwonDo practice, we stopped by tha mall to get her dress fixed. While the ladies are in a shop, who comes by but Brian and Holly Johnston, with baby Christopher in tow! We hadn't seen them since around September, and the little one was born in mid-December. They looked great and amazingly well-rested for having a 2-month old baby.

After TQD, we drove out to Stone Mountain Park to show them the one NATURAL attraction that we have in Georgia. The park looked fairly empty, but we figured that it was because of the cold weather. Ends up that everything but the Skylift (which takes you to the top of the mountain) and Memorial Hall (a paid-entry museum) were closed for seasonal refurbishment. You think that would be something that you would tell people coming into the park, wouldn't you? Stone Mountain isn't just some park, it has dozens of attractions, from a petting zoo to an antique Railroad, and it has never been closed entirely for a season. Blame their new owners, the Dollywood Company.

That night, we cooked dinner and The Aforementioned Friend joined us again. He's very lonely since The Princess of MeMeMe moved out, and we don't mind having him for company one bit. Sunday night we had a "SuperBowl Commercial" party, where we talked & ate during the game and watched the TV intently when they broke for commercials. It was disapointing this year, with no real gut-busters except for Truth.org's "Shards O' Glass brand popsicles" pseudo-Ad stab at the Tobacco companies. (The Shardsoglass.com web site was immediately innundated with hits; it only halfway loaded om the computer, and I have a Cable connection.) Justin and The Aforementioned Friend ("Uncle Caveman" and "Dude!" to little Matthew), joined us.

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