February 08, 2004

Matthew's 2nd Birthday Party

On Wednesday, our little man will be two. I'll spare you the "Seems like only yesterday" speech, but it's true. This time is so much fun! Sure, he's getting more tantrum-prone and he's relishing the word "no!" a bit more than I like, but it's such an exciting time of discovery for both sides. It's great to hear him talk more, to learn new words. Craig taught him to say "Dude!" the other week, and mow Matthew calls him Dude. Craig seems to love it, and it's easier to say than "Funny Guy," which is what we were calling him before.

We had his birthday party today. Let me tell you, I never fully understood what the term "pandemonium" meant, (aside from a short-lived cartoon series about two pandas who ran into each other to form a big hero panda). The rule of thumb is that you include one child for each year, which suggests two kids. Well, two friends, their parents & siblings, Melissa's parents, Miho & Miki, Justin, Craig and a Ringer friend of Melissa's brought the grand total to 18 people in our living room. And six of them were under 7 years old. Yeah. Matthew didn't have his nap, so there was the occasional fit, but he generally had a great time.

Most of us stuck around for round two: roller skating at Skate Country! I didn't get skates because last time I injured myself carrying Matthew, and good thing, because I spent most of the time following him and his friend Phillip around the carpeted sidelines. I've never seen two 2-year olds so eager to get on skates. Phillip's parents turned around 30 seconds after putting his skates on, only to find him 20 feet away, about to merge into traffic on the main floor! We're tired and we'll all be sore from the skating tomorrow, but Matthew had a great time, and now he has nearly every musical toy that The Wiggles have put out. Almost every (no-volume-controlling) toy. Joy.

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