February 05, 2004

Last year, they consolidated the people in my section of the building, and took down the cubicles from my row to the windows. It was disturbing, knowing that there used to be people working in those cubes just a year ago, and most of them have moved on or transferred out. Roughly half of the cubes were taken down, leaving the ones from my row to the center of the building, which left me on the edge of what we call "The Frontier." On the plus side, it effectively made my cubicle a corner office with windows.

Since the sell-off of our department last year, they've been slowly taking down the cubicles from more of the building. Alltel, the former company, still owns the building and our department rents the space now. We've been taking up less and less space in the building since the buy-out last March. I assume that this is because we're moving some departments to offices in Buckhead, but it's still disconcerting to walk down the halls and see roughly half of this floor not just empty and quiet, but cubeless as well. It's like looking out over a parking lot that was once a thriving farm. A Cube Farm, granted, but a farm nontheless.

They left the end-pieces of the cubicle rows, perhaps as markers to make setup easier if they came back. Today, maintenance is taking down the end pieces.

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