February 17, 2004

"It Came From VHS..."
Craig, the man who scoffs at anything "analog," found a gem of a movie on VHS last weekend called "Noises Off", and brought it for us to see last night. It was an incredibly funny movie with Michael Caine, John Ritter, Christopher Reeve and Carol Burnett putting on a play. As a general rule the "Movie about making a movie" or "Play about putting on a play" formula does not work, but this film is a notable exception. Other exeptions include "The Player", "Get Shorty" and "The Actor's Nightmare" (save for the Parkview High School cast of 1992, which I single-handedly mucked up.)

On Sunday, we watched the BAFTA's, which are the British equivalent of the Academy Awards, and Return of the King cleaned up. Last night, Melissa confirmed the "No Nookie Ever Again" status after my comments about "Lost in Translation."

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