February 26, 2004

The Big Problem with America

Blogger Wil Wheaton has written an excellent post on the gay marriage issue. And last week, Bill Maher was interviewing a Republican senator the other night, and when the senator made said that gay marriage would somehow taint the institution of marrige, Bill Maher responded: "I don't get it, so if this happens, how exactly does the republic fall?"

Too much focus is always spent on defending the intangible "institutions" and too little on the actual people that are involved in them. For example, I am personally pro-choice, but I can respect the pro-life position; they want to protect every human life, no matter how marginally defined. So they defend the institution of pregnancy, but what do they do to help the people IN this institution? Nothing. If a single mother of six wants to have an abortion because she is already destitute, the pro-lifers will insist she has the baby. But what happens when the baby is born? Are the pro-lifers there to support this woman and the life that they have spared? Never. But since the institution was defended, they would consider it a success.

It's horrible that this man, or any man for that matter, would consider revising the single most important document for our country to GRANT freedoms, in favor of DENYING freedoms to a minority. It's a bad sign when you have to play to a nation's absolute lowest common denominator, to use peoples' entrenched prejudice instead of their intellect, in order to drum up votes. What about the big issues? What about the war in the middle east? The economy? All the lost Jobs? The Social Security System on the brink of collapse? No, the big threat to America is two people consecrating their love for one another in an official manner and vowing to love each other forever.

*sniff* *sniff* Smell that? It's sarcasm.

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