January 22, 2004

The Saga of The Aforementioned Friend and The Princess of MeMeMe - Part XVII

I wrote the Aforementioned Friend a 3-page letter, spelling out my advice about the situation. In short, Legal Separation would be a bad idea, Divorce needs to happen, and if he wants to retain some relationship with her, let go of the marriage and fall back on the friendship. I closed the letter with "Think about this, then feel free to tell me to go to hell."

The phone rang an hour after I sent it to him. "Okay, go to hell," the friend said. He thanked me for the letter, saying it crystalized some of the things he'd been thinking about. Last night, The Princess of MeMeMe told him she'd found some one-bedroom apartment she could afford, and she'd be moving out on Saturday. "Stranegely enough, I was okay with it," he said. I think the "acceptance" phase is taking hold. They spent most of their evening making a list of the things she'd take with her. Given, some of the furniture, and she'll be leaving the dogs with him, saying she'd pay for their vet bills if he brings them to her clinic. He went alone to the Marriage Counselling appointment, and said that it did him some good to talk to the person.

I'm glad this is starting to end. He deserves closure from her, among many other things.

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