January 16, 2004

One day after Ron lost his job, the Princess of MeMeMe told my Aforementioned Friend that she wanted a divorce. These events share a lot in common. Both were horribly tense situations that were just begging for some sort of resolution, ANY kind. Both have freed their victims from undue stress and allowed them to find greener pastures where they will be more appreciated. Both are events that will be looked upon in later years as a turning point in their life.

The Friend is taking things much better than we had expected. Given the level of crap he was willing to put up with from The Princess, I had feared that he'd be willing to continue this marriage-in-name-only just to keep it. He's going through emotions and tough times like anyone else in his situation would, but he's firm in not being a doormat anymore. He chalks up this resolve to the long build-up of the situation; he had to accept that she was slowly taking steps away from him, and after a while, he could see which way she was going.

I'm really proud of him, because he's already looking ahead. He had lived with his parents until he was 26, then went straight into marriage with The Princess. "I've never really learned how to take care of myself or lived alone," he said, "and maybe that's what I need to do now. In the past couple of months, I've learned to cook for myself (a little), do my own laundry and I've started to handle the bills myself. I guess that's a pretty good start."

I unintentionally gave him some comic relief last night. He was going over their conversation about how to divide things up and a few sad moments. After each of these, I was only able to say, "Man, I'm sorry..." After about five or six times, I realized that "sorry" is about the only thing he's hearing from me and everyone, so I apologized for saying that I was sorry so much. Then I apologized for using "sorry" in that previous apology, then paused and said "I'll just shut up now." He laughed at this and thanked me, saying he had not laughed in a week. We invited him over to watch the DVD of "Johnny English" with Rowan Atkinson tonight. I think it'll do him a lot of good to feel positive emotions for a change.

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