January 27, 2004

The Nursery at our church needs a new rule: "Children found to be ill will be returned to their parents." Some nasty viruses that have swept through families and recirculated for months can usually be traced back to a child that was put in the nursery with obvious symptoms. This is why our friend, Lindsay, mother of (God help her) four boys, probably spends more money on Kleenex and cold medicine than she does on gasoline in any given year. It is also why Matthew, Melissa and I have been out of commission for three days.

I called out sick from work yesterday, and am back in limited capacity today. Melissa is still down, hacking to the point of giving her lungs a glimpse of daylight every so often. We seem to be coming out of the woods on this, but it could very well start again when we return to church. We better find a way of containing this illness, becasue I don't want to have to explain to God that I didn't go to church for 10 years becase I couldn't afford the sick time from work.

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