January 12, 2004

My grandmother on my mother's side, who has been suffering with cancer, has passed away. She decided to go off the chemotherapy earlier this year, in order to live out her remaining time with some quality of life. At her request, there was no funeral, and she was quietly cremated. I don't know how to feel about this. I never knew her that well. Frankly, no one did. She and my grandfather just kept to themselves in their cinder block house in Palmetto, Florida for the past 20 years, sending my brother and I a check in a Christmas card every year, and receiving us for lunch whenever we were in the neighborhood. Thankfully, I was able to take Matthew, Melissa and her parents down to meet them last year on our December Florida trip, so she was able to meet my wife and see her first great-grandchild before she went.

Mostly, I feel sad for her life, and not particularly about her death. She went quietly when she was dose with morphene, and that's the best way for cancer patients. It's sad that she's gone, and she'll leave an empty place in my grandfather's life, but I feel sorrier for the way that she lived before any of this. To be so emotionally disconnected with family, even your own children, must be vey lonely. Mom thinks that they had children because "it seemed to be expected of people their age." I can't make any in-depth ananysis of them or their relationships, because honestly, I don't know them well enough. And that is sadder than the fact that she's gone.

Comic Relief Headlines: Much like Pete Rose finally coming clean about betting on his Reds baseball team, fellow blog The Sneeze was finally able to get actor Dan "Ricky" Sneider to talk about his role of "Ricky" in the John Cusack movie "Better Off Dead".

In other news, with urban clothier ECKO's release of the Flava Flav Alarm Clock, I will now throw my ceremonial handful of dirt in the shallow grave of Hip Hip music.

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