January 30, 2004

Melissa's DisneyFriend from Japan, Miho, is coming back for another visit today! She was a pen pal of Melissa's for a while, and then stayed with us for about two weeks last January. We had a great time showing her around Atlanta, and she got on very well with Matthew. She's back again, and she's brought her firend Miki. They'll be sharing the futon in the den.

This is their big vacation. These two are spending thousands of dollars of hard-earned money and time off work to fly half-way around the world from the thriving metropolis of Tokyo... to stay with Chris & Melissa Kern in the backwoods of Flowery Branch, Georgia. Don't get me wrong, I love my life, I'm just not sure that this life would be my ultimate VACATION as well. We're happy to have them, and it's very flatering that they would go to so much trouble to spend time with us, which one of them hardly knows and the other not at all. Imagine spending all this money and time and effort to visit someone that you've never met.

Kinda makes me feel like crap for not seeing my friends that live a little farther out. (Sorry, Kris and Jim! I'll call you!)

[LATER...Remembering that Kris works at the school half a mile away, I decided to meet her for lunch.]

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