January 05, 2004

"The Jerry Springer Effect" - (N) Feeling better about your life and relationships after watching "The Jerry Springer Show" or a similar program and witnessing how messed up the guests are and how poorly they treat each other.

The attraction to this program, besides it being a redneck train wreck that you just can't look away from, is you can see the parade of dysfunction, cruelty and selfishness and say to yourself, "Wow, my life could be so much worse." After seeing a 350 lb. woman who refuses to stop wearing hot pants and fishnet tops, you decide that your spare tire isn't such a big deal. When you see a husband and wife sleeping their way up each other's family trees out of revenge, you may think that perhaps your spouse's unconscious tendency to chew loudly at meals isn't so bad after all.

As another year begins, I am reminded how good a life I have, from both ends of the spectrum. I have wife that I am still madly in love with, a child that is, with few exceptions, the most cheerful person that I have met, a nice house and a good job that supports us all. Unfortunately, I am also reminded of my joys by the Jerry Springer Effect.

The aforementioned friend is even further down in the dumps in his relationship with the "Princess of MeMeMe". I have seen chew toys at a Pit Bull puppy mill that are treated with more care than this man is by his "wife." I am in awe that his feelings of love are so strong for this woman that he would endure such degradation and sheer cruelty and he can still hold out hope for their relationship. He wants nothing more than to get back to "normal" with this woman and continue their life together.
His sorrow is so great that simply watching this man be broken has brought me to emotional depths that I have never experienced before.

And it doesn't help that I have downtime at work to think about this.

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