December 31, 2003

You know the song "That's Life", where old Blue Eyes croons about being a Puppet, a Poet, a Pirate and so on? Well I decided to Google Myself and see what the OTHER Chris Kerns of the world were doing.

I have been:

  1. A Hortoculture Supplier and Photographer
    (Also at ChrisKern.Com)
  2. An NFL Draft Pick
  3. A Dark-skinned lead singer of a band living in Germany
  4. An Amateur Putt-Putt player from Bumpass, Virginia
  5. An Anime Fanboy and Computer Science Teacher
  6. A singer in a Church Youth Group
  7. An Amateur Robotic Engineer
  8. A Major Brewery Owner in Michigan during Prohobition (Check out the etched glasses!)
  9. A Film Editor (grandson of the guy who edited Gone with the Wind")
  10. A Rather unfortunate Hiker on Mt. Hood
  11. And finally, a Database Programmer. (Just like me, except published.)

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