December 29, 2003

For the first time in memory, I'm glad Christmas is over. It was a crappy season all-around for Melissa and I. The only saving grace of the season was Christmas Morning, seeing little Matthew tearing into his presents and playing with them. Well, a few of them anyway. After being inundated with toys last year, Melissa and I decided that we'd not go overboard buying him toys this year. Well, fear not, the remaining relatives picked up the slack. Her parents bought him this Fisher-Price adjustable basketball hoop, which is this huge molded-plastic monstrosity that you need to fill the base of, so that it doesn't tip over and crush your little one. Matthew seems to like it, and figuring that his old man had absolutely zero talent in sports, I'll encourage anything of the sort.

We got our sorta-weekly call from the Nash family in North Hamptonshire, UK. Thank-yous for the gifts were exchanged and we talked for a good two hours about everything from our countries' respective leaders to the kind of music that we all were into. Vaughan, the father, works for a Motor Credit company. Judging by the tatoos on his arms, I figured him for ex-military. So I was a bit surprised to hear him state that he was into all kinds of electronic music, like Trance and Chillout, just like I am. We vowed to send one another a CD. It's going to be a challenge to find any Electronic Music that's any good that they don't have in the UK, since Europe is the epicenter of the culture.

"I got this one CD," he said, "Play it in the car on the way home from work, you start out with some hard Dance stuff, going about 80 MPH. It takes you all the way home, to Chillout at the end, so you'll be going about 12 or so. Great for leaving the stress of the job miles behind you. Mind, just don't play it on the way TO work, or you'll be fairly useless that day"

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