December 05, 2003

Decmeber is off and running, and as usual, I'm already behind. Since we have realtives scattered across the country, my parents in Hawaii and friends in England, the mail delivery cut-off dates are looming less than a week away. You'd THINK that it would take longer to get a package to London than Hawaii, what with the smaller of the two being part of the United States and all, but that has never been the case. It once took two weeks for my mother to get her birthday card. No special postage, no heavy stuff inside or difficult instructions, just your run-of-the-mill Hallmark deal.

I am in search of the web space for this page, since Larry lost his job. I can't afford buying any web space now, with Christmas Debt rising up to meet me, and development time is at a premium. I will probably not be able to wrestle the computer from my wife's steely grip until well after "Return of the King" comes out. So in short, nothing will change until next year.

But I'm confident that both of my readers will be understanding.

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