November 25, 2003

Tomorrow morning, the Kerns and the Petreys venture into the uncharted wilds of backwoods North Carolina! It's "A Very Deliverance Thanksgiving" at Melissa's grandmother's house, er..Trailer. Every little piece of advice or anecdote about this place makes me dread it a little more:

"Don't go running through the trailer. Not only will it shake itself apart, but it's so packed full of furniture & junk that you'll trip and die on something.

"Keep Matthew away from the back of the Carport, we find copperheads there every week or so."

"take a very quick shower, like less than five minutes, because the water heater only holds about 20 minutes of tepid-at-best water in the mornings. "

"No, Seriously. DON'T RUN IN THE TRAILER!! My foot went through the floor when I did.

Good ol' Grandma, whom I've never met, said she's looking forward to meeing her great-grandson and Brenda's new Chihuahua... and WE can come along too, if we like. Boy, I can just feel the family love oozing out of the phone. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and wish me luck.

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