November 03, 2003

I called into 99x Saturday morning and won 2 tickets to see the band "Puddle of Mudd" on Tuesday. Also it's admission to the SoundCheck party beforehand. Melissa is really into the big hit of this group, "Blurry", as I am, but I really hate the rest of the stuff they've released. So after some thought, I said that she could go with someone else, and I'd stay home to watch the kid. (We're already leaving him with the Petreys for five days this weekend while we're in L.A. for Joey's wedding, so I figured that they're doing enough.) She'll probably take her friend, Melissa Welch, from her Tae Kwon Do Class.

Speaking of Mrs. Welch, we spent some time with her, her husband Matthew, and their daughter Caitlyn. They came to the Halloween gathering at Chez Petrey on Friday with the Pucketts, we attended Caitlyn's 6th birthday party on Saturday, and we took them up to Helen to see the fall foliage on Sunday. The birthday party took us to a DQ for lunch & Ice Cream cake, then to "Skate Country," where I acquired a few nice bruises and a messed up leg that I'm getting looked at tomorrow. Melissa, on the other hand, didn't take a single spill, and Matthew was surprisingly determined to get out on the floor in his tiny skates.

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