September 03, 2003

A Pithy Exchange...
Quincy, A friend of mine from my year's stint over at Cingular, has found the man of his dreams, and is having a commitment ceremony later this month. He invited Melissa and I, along with co-workers and guys he sings with in the Atlanta Gay Men's Chorus. The invitation listed a "Luau" theme, and I wrote him today to clarify what that meant...

Chris: Sorry, Quincy,one more thing... My wife wants to know if the Luau theme of the ceremony would mean Hawaiian shirts are acceptable dress?

Quincy: Yes. We expect everyone to be casual and have a good time.

C: Thanks, I don't think that will be a problem. Having my parents on Oahu, I'm always looking for an excuse to break out my Kahala Shirts... :-)

Q: LOL..... For a minute there I thought you were going to say ..... your grass skirt. (g)

C: No, no, nothing like that. It would be somewhat inappropriate to break out into my famous "There's Nothing Like A Dame" routine from South Pacific at a commitment ceremony, don't you think? ;-)

Q: Maybe not....... There will be many of the chorus guys there that would join in with you, I'm sure.

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