September 10, 2003

Last night, while working on Melissa's new Dragon*Con 2003 gallery, the phone rang.

Me: Hello?
Man: Yes, I was interested in the silencers from your ad, and I was wondering how you got around the legality issue.
Me: What? Silencers? I think you have a wrong number.
Man: Is this not (Company Name) Armaments? (Gives my phone number)?
Me: That's my number, but no, this is a house. (pause) WHAT were you looking for?
Man: I was reading an ad for silencers in the new issue of "Shotgun News," and they listed this as their number.
Me: Sir, I have never so much as held a gun in my life, so I really can't help you. You said this number was given out in a magazine?
Man: Yes, Shotgun News. Look, sorry for the ring, but this is the number in the ad. (laughs) Well, you'll probably be getting some phone calls then.

The man was very helpful, even calling the magazine to inform them of the error. He called back afterwards to tell me that the magazine apologized for the error, and it would only run for two weeks until they could fix it in the next issue. Yes, very helpful, but I kept thinking "This man was calling here looking to buy a shotgun silencer." Looks like we have a fun month of evening calls to look forward to. This situation is just surreal enough to be my life.

Justin thinks I should answer the phone with something funny, but I think I'll play it safe and NOT piss off people who read any magazine called "Shotgun News" and have my phone number. I don't mean to stereotype them, but what about the shotgun could be newsworthy enough to fill a magazine every two weeks?

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