September 08, 2003

Friday night, after dropping Matthew off at Chez Petrey, Melissa, Heather, Leanne and I caught Craig and That 80's Band at "The Cavern" in Alpharetta. Justin met us there, as an added bonus. The entire place was called the Chattahoochee Lodge. One side was "The Little Hooch", which was like a Chuck E. Cheese place, complete with the giant HamsterTrail for kids to climb in. In the middle was the Restaurant, and on the other end was The Cavern, the bar & stage area. It all had a cool wilderness theme with rocks & trees and texidemied animals all over. Major cool points for making the sound & lighting board into a Treehouse. I hope that T8B gets a regular gig there, we really loved the place.

Saturday, we had a day with Larry & Jennifer McHale. (Larry teaches programming classes at The Seale Group, nad is a friend of Pete Mitchell.) The idea was that Jennifer & Melissa would go off to the "Yellow Daisy Festival" (now officially the largest crafts festival in the world), and leave us men with the kids (Matthew, their 14 year-old son Kallan and their 2 year-old daughter Sydney). The women spent the day in shopping nirvana. We hung out at the house, ran to the mall for lunch, talked computer stuff whilst the kids napped, and then watched a movie. Matthew & Sydney got along well, after her initial "No! That's MINE! That's mine TOO!" tirade was over. It was a great chill-out afternoon, all in all.

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