September 19, 2003

First off, let me say "Arrrrrrr" to ye, me hearties. Welcome to "Talk Like a Pirate Day"!! The holiday is spreading like... er.. Peanut Butter. (Sorry, trying to keep it PG-13, but I got nothing. ) Now the Pirates have expanded into the world of poerty with the Pirate Hauku Contest.

In other news, after submitting the link to my DragonCon gallery page to TheOneRing.Net, I succeeded in exceeding my bandwidth limit in under 24 hours!!! Have patience, all, as I am securing alternate non-Geocities webspace as I write this.

My parents are in town this weekend, and they look good. My dad asked me what they could buy Melissa for Christmas this year, and I had no ideas. It's at least two months before I start thinking about that sort of thing. I suggested a BestBuy gift certificate. "It sounds impersonal, but she really likes the DVD's and music, and it's the best way to ensure that she gets what she really wants," I told him. This morning, I called Melissa to ask her what my parents could get her, and she replied "Probably a BestBuy gift certificate would be best. Clothes wouldn't be a good bet, and I'll always need music & movies."

Not only do I know my wife, but DAMN do I love her!!! A woman who wants the same as me for Christmas!! For everybody else, you can browse our Wish List at Amazon.Com for some ideas, wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more say no more.

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