March 19, 2003

Well, the impending war on Iraq is only hours away. The government is planning to unleash over 3000 missiles and prescision-guided bombs on Iraq in the first two days of the fight in order to "establish their intentions" and the level of force to be expected. My first question was "Are there 3000 military targets in Iraq?" I doubt it. So they'll improvise, and even with prescision bombs and missiles, you'll get innocent lives lost.

Now I'm no "Dixie Chick," but I have my doubts about our intentions on this conflict. Sure, Disarm by force, been there & done that. Then we have this whole Imperialism angle: to ENSURE that no more "evil-doers" can perpetuate in Iraq, we'll be setting up a democratic government. SURE. That'll fly. Yes, the people are oppressed and Democracy is a good idea, generally, but did we forget that these people are the same ones who flock in droves to the palaces and military targets, to be human shields? Yeah, they would just be IDEAL candidates for an American-led democracy crammed down their throats. Does "The Infidel in the Holy Land" ring a bell?

The Onion, always good for putting things in perspective, gives their take on the upcoming war in Iraq .

In other news, Joey Googe gave me a call last night. He's living in the midwest, and he is just about to ask his girlfriend of three years to marry him. I am so happy for this guy! And he wants me to be a Groomsman! The wedding is supposed to be in Georgia at the end of the year.

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