March 13, 2003

Tried meeting for lunch with the ALLTEL gang today, and we missed them. Justin, Melissa and Matthew showed up, but the rest of them were missing. Later on, they called, saying they were at the OTHER Taco Mac. Oh well, had a great lunch anyway. Justin was very interested in our vacationing plans to London. His new job is going well for him, and Mel and I couldn't be happier for him. He's had more than his share of crap dealt to him over the past year.

Justin lost his job last year beacuse his boss, who's had it out for him for some time, demanded a medical history from his visit to the doctor, not just a note. This is highly illegal for good reason, in case an employee has a condition that the employer might exploit as a reason to fire him. Well, Justin has a condition that he deals with, let's say "Lycanthropy" for the sake of argument, which in no way hinders his work performance. He, of course, refused to provide this to his employer, and she told him not to return to work without it. A few days later, he got an e-mail form the company saying that they no longer would be needing his services. Being fired for making a legal stand against a prick is much better than being fired for having some questionable medical condition.

In any case, his excellent work ethic and people skills are well appreciated in his new job. Justin is my blood brother, ever since high school. He is the most decent, unselfish, friendly, hillarious and offbeat person I know. My only hope for him now is that some lucky girl would find this out. Yes, he has quirks, as we all do, but he's the man that I would trust with my life, the person who's been there for me for over ten years, and the guy who should have been my Best Man. Lonliness is the only condition he hasn't been able to overcome in his life.

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