March 03, 2003

Tomorrow is my date in Traffic Court. It's just an arraignment (sp?), so no real trial as yet, I just have to go there & pray the cop, the plaintiff, or the witness don't show up. Perhaps karma will be with me. If not, it's off to trial, I've got to hire a lawyer, and I'll have to get ugly with this lady.
Well Miss So-and-so, did you actually have insurance at the time of the accident? NO? Did you give the officer a name of a fake insurance company in order to disguise this fact? Yes!
Did you get a Georgia Driver's License, since you were residing in the state over 30 days at the time of the accident? NO?
Mr. Officer, did this accident happen at shift change? Yes. Were you the relief for the original officer at the scene? Yes. Did you get a summary from the original officer, and only then, ask the persons involved what happened? Yes. So you could have a skewed perspective of the scene, could you not? Yes. Did you document the accident scene AT ALL, even a sketch on the back of a napkin? No.

Anyway, I don't like to get ugly, I hope this lady just doesn't show up and I can get on with my life. The accident happened about 5 months ago, and it's been a dark cloud hanging over me ever since. Ron, My father-in-law in good standing, will be accompanying me. Wish me luck.

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