March 11, 2003

A landmark event: Melissa has agreed to forego the annual trip to DisneyWorld this year in favor of vacationing somewhere else. Given, she already had a long weekend there last month with Heather, but she’s now willing to abandon the annual week-long tour-de-force. (Can’t expect an addict to go cold turkey in one year, can you?) This change of heart is due to a couple of factors: (1) With 5 years of service at my company, I now get 3 weeks of vacation, and (2) Melissa & I want to visit London.

I’ve always been keenly interested in London, been curious about life there, and wanted to visit sometime. When my Best Man and former friend Todd returned to Georgia after a couple of years’ schooling in Detford, (which is somewhere between Dublin and Paris, I’m told), there was a brief return to the English fascination that engulfed my group in High School. Every Monty Python-quoting geek and/or Drama student would spend hours talking to one another in their horrid, fake cockney English accents. These accents were to us, like a high school garage band: Even if you were horrible at it, there was a sense of cool achieved just for engaging in it. Amazing how skewed the “Cool System” was back then.

In any case, we’re currently looking into travel packages for a 5-day stay in London proper. Matthew will probably not get much out of the trip, but he’s not yet at the age where each trip must include a daily visit to a McDonalds PlayPlace. As long as they serve Macaroni & Cheese at some point on the trip, Matthew will be satisfied. Failing that, we can bring it with us.

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