March 05, 2003

I was dressed up in the standard-issue blue blazer & khakis for my court appearance last night. I waited in the courtroom with Ron, going over the judge's pamphlets listing the various pleas and the implications of each. I stated that I'd like to do a Defensive Driving course, since it would only cost me about $80, and the accident would be expunged from my record. After two hours of sitting with equally uncomfortable traffic violators, the Solicitor called us over.

The woman who hit me did not show up. I was there, that contractor who witnessed the accident was there, but no Ms. Simmons. "Well, that's good for YOU," Said the solicitor,"we've no choice but to dismiss, unless you WANT me to do something?" I replied that it wasn't necessary, I didn't want to put her out. I thanked her and the witness, and left the building to call Melissa. Much relief was shared by all. I drove home a la "Jerry Maguire", searching the radio for a good song to sing along with. I left a voice mail for Rob (my Lawyer-to-be Brother). Later that night, he called the house, a bit weird. Apparently, Rob had forgotten about my court case, so was very confused upon hearing me say "I'm a free man! The B*tch didn't show up!" He wondered what horrible thing had happened that I would leave Melissa for standing me up for something, until he remembered the court case. Juuuust a bit on the outside.

Anyway, that dark cloud is gone, and life is good.

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