March 19, 2003

I just stopped my friend Amos in the hall. He's an army reservist, and he shares my opinion of "I support the troops 100%, but I do not support the president." He made a very good point: Saddam has had ten years to prepare for this war. He's dug the trenches, set up the bunkers and rigged the oil fields. He also knows the few ways that an attack could come into his country, so he's had time enough to prepare not only a defense, but an attack.

One more thought on this: Iraq, as a whole, is in a win-win situation. By defying us, Saddam is supporting his country and it's people. And when he loses, we'll spend billions of dollars to bring the country into the 20th century with housing, food and infrastructure. Then we'll set up a democratic government. Sounds great, but what that actually MEANS is that the people of Iraq can choose their leader freely. So in five years, after we've built them out of the stone age, they can say "Thanks for everything America, now we want this OTHER militant tyrant to be in charge. Don't let the door hit your @ss on the way out..."

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