March 04, 2003

Had lunch with Margaret and Jemson (my Project Manager and Programmer from my Cingular Contract last year, respectively). I'm on that weird Birmingham Diet, so I was supposed to eat my "1 Cup of Cottage Cheese, 5 Saltine Crackers and Tea" but I decided that seeing them was more important. Margaret's been great this past year, giving me lots of kudos and support, and finally a nice, bright Project Review for my Resource Manager to read. Heck, with such a glowing review, I might just get a pay increase that outpaces the inflation rate this year!!! Jemson was the best programmer to work with last year. He an I worked so well together, and our families even met up at DisneyWorld over Christmas Break!

I thought it was so nice to Blog, I introduced it to Melissa (the Wife). She loves to write, but only has fragments of time during the day to do it, taking care of Matthew (the 1-Year old), so I thought it would be a perfect fit. Eventually, we want to write a children's book together. She'd do the writing, I'd draw the pictures. Although, seriously, I've got a long way to go. It took me four months worth of lunch breaks to get a decent cartoon of a giraffe and an inchworm, and I still can't draw them DOING much of anything.

Still a little worried about the traffic court thing tonight. Not like it'll send me to The Big House or anything, I just want it over without a lot of fuss.

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